• Deep Root Feed
  • Granulated Compost
  • Granular Topdressing


  • Site inspections
  • Control Measures
  • Fungi
  • Insects
  • Disease 
  • Parasites 



Site Inspections and Monitoring

From regular Plant Health Care check-ups to custom Green Pest Management programs, let the exports at Organic Solutions take the worry out of looking out for your landscape plantings.

  • ISA Certified Arborist on staff
  • Tree and shrub inspections

Control Measures 

Applying control products are always the last step in our Green Pest Management programs. But when necessary, we incorporate the latest in effective, low-toxicity technologies.


Many insects live in and on our plant material, some of which can be serious pests able to cause severe damage or tree mortality. Control methods vary depending upon the type of pest and level of outbreak. We incorporate no-spray injections, dormant oils and summer foliar sprays. 


In our region, fungal problems on tree and shrubs can range from Marssonina leaf spot on aspen to Rhizosphaera needle cast on evergreens. Treatments vary, depending on weather, location and specific fungi identified.

Diseases and Parasites 

Diseases are often the most difficult plant problem to solve. First steps may include minimizing physical damage from lawn equipment or changing irrigation times. Improving soil conditions or proper pruning may also be warranted before we begin preventative or curative sprays.


Deep Root Fertilizer

Our premium feeding technique, we mix our own special blend of Liquid Slow Release Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash, and Humic Acid, combined with a unique Micro-Nutrient Mix and Mychorrhizae Fungi inoculants. This exceptional mixture is applied directly to the soil throughout the root zone of each tree or shrub. This may be the most important step we can take to encourage proper plant vigor and build a healthy resistance to future diseases and pests.

Granular Topdressing

Our natural tree and shrub fertilizer blend is an excellent spring and fall topdressing. More economical but with slower results than our premium liquid root feed, we often use this technique for covering large shrub beds or tree plantings.

Granulated Compost

Our granulated compost looks like a dry fertilizer and can be easily applied on any soil, including trees, shrubs, flowers and lawn areas. Our granulated compost packs a punch of microbial activity. Slower to release, our granulated compost is a great alternative to top-dressing with bulky, traditional compost.