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Paul Eckebrecht - Owner

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Understanding the challenge before them, they began working to develop a line of organic based care products specifically designed with the homeowner, landscaper, and other green industry professionals in mind. They also began creating partnerships with manufactures, suppliers, companies, and individuals to provide high quality, organic based products to the public at a reasonable cost. Organic Plant Health now provides a large array of products for use by homeowners, landscapers, golf superintendents and other individuals and companies associated with the greens industry. Our products promote healthy soil, reduce need for watering and promote a healthier environment and healthier plants, regardless of the growing environment.

To understand the true benefits of organic based care, it's important to first consider the alternative. Many products offered by the mainstream greens industry are salt-based synthetic formulas that promote dehydration in the soil which leads to soil compaction and plant decline. In the American landscape we take plants out of their natural settings and plant them in an urban setting for our pleasure and enjoyment. We irrigate and water them continually just to keep them alive. In an attempt to keep the illusion of natural beauty we fertilize with salt-based synthetic formulas that promote a quick color response without regard to soil health or plant stress. In addition, synthetics weaken plant life and make them more prone to stress and disease. Increased soluble salt levels in the soil accumulate and become toxic over time and eventually drive out or kill all beneficial microorganisms.

In contrast, products from Organic Plant Health provide high amounts of organic matter that promote microbial activity in the soil. This improves air/water/nutrient exchange, deeper root systems and more efficient nutrient uptake by the plant. Organic matter and biological activity in the soil also contribute to disease suppression and better drought tolerance. Ultimately , organic based care programs can reduce the need for watering by 50%. They are also safe for children,pets and promote a healthier environment.

We've have assembled a great team at Organic Solutions Plant Health Care meet some of our employees and read a bit about them. They each bring experience and specialized talent to our efforts.





In late 1992 Paul Eckebrecht realized the benefits of organic based plant care products and how individuals and greens industry professionals would benefit greatly if only the products were more widely available. Homeowners, landscapers and other companies expressed a great deal of interest in the products but hadn't converted to organic programs due to limited availability or they simply didn't have a full understanding of the products and didn't have anywhere to turn for a reliable information.